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EYELASH LIFT is a quick and painless way to semi-permanently curl your natural lashes!

The lash lift does an amazing job of giving the eye that extra pop even without the use of mascara and strip lashes. The whole process takes about an hour from start to finish, and lasts about 6-8 weeks!

During the Lash lift, your lashes will then get lifted and perming solution will be applied to each individual lash. The lashes now begin lifting/perming! A fixing solution is then apply over to hold the lashes onto the bump the proper amount of time.

But like everything, it isn’t for everyone. This lash alternative only uses your natural lashes, no extra length or volume, meaning the length of your natural lashes are the extent to how long your lashes will look after the curl.

After Care

Avoiding moisture is key.  For the first 24 to 48 hours after the treatment, your lashes are still a little flexible, so avoid moisture for the first day or two.Some other aftercare tips include minimizing oil-based products (like face oils and oil cleansers), avoiding waterproof mascara (which Carver recommends doing regardless, lash lift or not), and being cautious of scrunching your lashes into your pillow when you sleep

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