High-Tech Beauty Treatment Instrument

MC1 Ultrasonic cleaning machine $128
The positive ions are exported, and the positive ions are used to guide the deep pore dirt and deep clean the skin.

MC2 Ultrasonic machine $128
Utilizing the characteristics of high-frequency ultrasonic vibration and penetrating power, the human skin acts to produce high-energy exercise, enhance tissue metabolism, and soften tissue and firmness.

MC3 Aqua Peel Deep Cleaning machine $128
Aqua Peel have a deep clean surface, which can completely remove various impurities in the hair follicle funnel, severe pore blockage, aphids and grease residue, remove blackheads, and at the same time make the funnel of the hair follicles full of nutrients, providing a lasting effect. Nutrition to the skin, making the skin moist, delicate and shiny.


MC4  Hydrogen oxygen injection machine $128
Hydrogen Oxygen Injection: Oxygen Treatment After replacing the air with high pressure atomization, oxygen is sprayed onto the skin to treat sensitive skin, dermatitis, and acne skin.

MC5 Micro-electric machine $128
Suitable for face-lifting, facial drainage, can accelerate facial blood circulation, accelerate the production of collagen, make the face lines more clear, so as to achieve the role of tightening thin face.

MC6 Infrared hot stone machine $128
Negative pressure, heat treatment, activate cells from the inside of the skin, drain lymphedema, and even have a hue to restore young cells.


MC7  R-F Tripollar machine $128
Triple RF energy, the cells are instantly and actively regenerated, the skin is quickly and firmly lifted, collagen and elastin are activated, the fibers are solidified and reconstituted, and the skin is moisturized and wrinkled to achieve an unprecedented tightening effect.

Microneedling  $128



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